Google publish Ramadan information site for Muslims. The fasting ... Even after full bloom of the cherry tree, I have continued to completely warm day ~ (* ^^ *) And the approaching of the Ramadan. Because it is based on the Islamic calendar, but it should not be on the same day every year, It seems from the date this year. The Ramadan say roughly when - is to do the fasting from sunrise to sunset. Looking at the Muslim guest, but's a not seem a less bitter, I think every year Naa's very likely. . . Since the cafe of being provided a Muslim-friendly menu time Guest in Ramadan even with peace of mind are equipped with environment that can eat after sunset! ! Chikinrundan By the way, is called Iftar that of the meal to eat after sunset during Ramadan (^^) v You can also held something Iftar party to eat everyone noisily like this s-s-P0000 Hotel near the mosque, because in Tokyo Jeremy there is a venue that can experience also feel free to Iftar people of Japanese It is by all means try to visit during the Ramadan period (* ^ - ^ *)? ? sIMG_000_ Since Su'tsu' very beautiful even in the mosque visit is also recommended ~ ~!

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