The economic effects brought about by Ramadan

Google publish Ramadan information site for Muslims. The fasting ... I think I learn in the social history of about elementary school junior high school. Speaking of [Ramadan] [fasting kana? ] About knowledge anyone would not it have? The first month in the calendar that is used in Islamic society that Hijra history is called Ramadan. Roughly 0 days before and after in this calendar the unit of [month], in the first month of months, in the Muslim society there is a custom to perform fasting. Since the Hijra history is a pure lunar calendar that does not take into account the leap month, the actual representation of the seasons and the calendar will continue to shift in comparison with the solar calendar as every year days. Therefore the timing of Ramadan was October of Japan in 00 years, we have this year a month in Japan. table of contents About fasting Affect the consumption during Ramadan - Ramadan Involved in Ramadan, season to the concentration of demand About fasting Ramadan fasting, rather than resulting in a completely fasting during the month, thing that [refrain from eating and drinking during the day].

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